WRC-300 Plasma Water Cooler

WRC-300 Plasma Water Cooler
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WRC-300 plasma water cooler

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1.Product Introduction of WRC-300 plasma water cooler


WRC-300 plasma water cooler is an advanced circulating water cooling equipment. It can be widely used in welding machine, plasma and other electrical equipment and mechanical equipment which need circulating water cooling. Its working principle is that the cold water stored in the water tank is pumped into the circulatory system by the circulating pump. After cooling water passes through the equipment that needs cooling, the water with higher temperature is discharged. After cooling by the water circulation radiator and the cooling fan, the water flows into the new circulation process again.


2. Specification of WRC-300 plasma water cooler


Main voltage

380V/220V, 50/60Hz

Phase number

1 phase

Heat dissipating power

1.9KW (1L/Min)

Maximum pressure / lift




Size (mm)



3. Application:

WRC-300 plasma water cooler can be widely applied for TIG AC- DC welding equipment, TIG DC ARC welding equipment, CO2 welding, Plasma cutting machine, resistance welding equipment and other machinery and other electrical equipment.

 application of wrc-300 water cooler

4. Production details of WRC-300 plasma water cooler


wrc-300 water cooler

wrc-300 welding water cooler


5. Quality Control

(1) Complying with CE standard. Quality Ensured.

(2) Wrc-300 water cooler Equipped with high efficiency tube in plate heat exchanger. All heat exchangers with insulation to prevent heat loss.

(3) Complete Inspection covering water system and electricity, ensuring stable cool water production. 


6. Package

 water cooler-packing