WRC-300 Welding water cooler

Product Details

WRC-300 Welding water cooler 


1)The water pumps are magnetic force type and are made of stainless steel ones. 
2) Our water pump is imported from Italy. And the max head can be up to 30m,which make the water pressure very stable. 
3)Large water tank capacity can make faster cooling. 

4)The stainless steel pump can work in a long time without leaking the water. 


Our welding water cooler can be widely applied for TIG AC- DC welding equipment, TIG DC ARC welding equipment, CO2 welding, Plasma cutting machine, resistance welding equipment and other machinery and other electrical equipment.


Main voltage

380V/220V, 50/60Hz

Phase number

1 phase

Heat dissipating power

1.9KW (1L/Min)

Maximum pressure / lift




Size (mm)


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