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What Is A Non-stop-type Laser Engraving Water Chiller?

Apr 24, 2017

What is a non-stop-type laser engraving water chiller?

Non-stop-type laser cutting water chiller is in fact control the chiller inside the refrigerant flow has always been to control the temperature of the refrigeration cycle water. In accordance with the principle of chiller manufacturing, a total of two kinds of control methods, within 5 degrees using refrigerant flow control, so that the chiller can accurately control the temperature in plus or minus 0.1 degrees, 5 degrees outside the use of compressor start and stop the way, So that the chiller in the case without the need for strong cooling energy conservation work. Based on the working mode of the chiller, the chilling machine's refrigeration precision requirements are basically met (the high precision can be used to control the flow of refrigerant).

The rest is the cooling power and pump selection requirements, as long as the consideration of the specific heat, you can use different cooling capacity of the chiller, and then look at the pump head and flow requirements, choose a different pump. So that you can find the right laser water chiller.