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Water Chiller Use Precautions

Mar 29, 2017

Water chiller use precautions

1) Before you install or operate the laser water chiller, make sure to read our manual and fully understand the contents of the manual and some of the notes listed in the manual [1]

2) If the non-professional personnel in the installation, operation, or repair process caused by damage to the machine, not within the scope of the company's warranty.

3) the machine in the process of handling, should be gently, or easily lead to loose parts of the machine, resulting in failure.

4) Please pay attention to all warning labels.

5) Do not remove the warning label.

6) Do not turn on the small water chiller if there is no coolant in the machine water tank.

7) Be sure to disconnect the power cord before servicing or moving the machine.

8) Only for professional repair and maintenance.