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The Purchase Of Baodian Cw5200 Laser Water Chiller By The Mexico Laser Company

The purchase of Baodian cw5200 laser water chiller by the Mexico laser company 

Yesterday morning, kate told me she needed our water chiller to cooling their laser by email, the capacity of water cooling chiller must be 1400w, and she requires the water cooler voltage is 220 / 60HZ, also requires laser chillers must use environmental protection type refrigerant compressor . In addtion, because she would like to use the cw5200 as soon as possible, because of we have inventory, so we can ship the chillers within one working day, our colleagues have stapped her chillers at the first time , and her chillers have been shipped by air, have been sent to her country and her city, so that tshe can receive chiller after three days.


Cw5200 Water Chiller.jpg