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Protect The Environment, Starts From Me-Bao-1000 Fume Extractor

Protect the environment, starts from me-Bao-1000 Fume Extractor

It is important to understand that pollution can be defined in many ways, and the specific definition used in a specific case can be important. For example, if an industry spouting forth contaminants to water and air can convince the public and the regulatory agencies that by their definition they are not polluting, pressure to force them to clean up might never materialize, even though the results of the inadequate waste disposal are obvious. Many professions are directly involved in environmental pollution, and all have defined pollution to fit the specific need.  It may be instructive to review a few of these definitions, and to comment on the rational employed.

The Engineers Joint Council ( composed of representatives from the various professional engineering associations) has defined air pollution as "the presence in the outdoor atmosphere of one or more contaminants., such as dust,fumes, gas, mist, odor, smoke or vapor, in quantities or characteristics, , and of duration such as to be injurious to human, plant or animal life or which unreasonably interferes with the comfortable enjoyment of life and property". Although this longwinded definition seems to cover all bases, it avoids classifying emissions from remotely located power plants as pollution, since the smoke is not apparently harmful and certainly having the power to run the air conditioners and electric can openers enhances man's comfort. What is missing is an admission that air is not a wastebasket, and that a defense of such emissions is untenable, regardless of their immeasurable acute effect on plant or animal physiology.

Probably the most widely accepted on the engineering definitions of pollution is " unreasonable interference with other beneficial uses. " By this definition, if the greatest beneficial use of a watercourse is waste discharge, them the use of the stream for swimming and fishing might be " unreasonable". Value judgments are therefore required as to what uses a stream, lake or air over a city might have. If reasonable men decide that it is reasonable to use a lake as a septic tank and air as a wastebasket, then we are doomed to such a "reasonable" existence.

We could go on quoting definitions of environmental pollution, but the point has been made. Not everyone views environmental pollution in the same light, and not everyone agrees on the short as well as long-term effects. It should be clear, therefore, why some people feel that the pollution problem is not taken seriously enough, and why at the same time others feel that governmental agencies have become too strict with regard to the control of industrial and municipal discharges. Perhaps we cannot define pollution to everyone's satisfaction, and probably there is no need to do that as long as we remember that there are many definitions ( and hence opinions) of environmental pollution.


Nowadays,stopping air pollution has become the common issue that concerns the governments of many countries and people of all walks of life . Air pollution has caused a series of environment problems,such as the green house effect,damage to the ozone layer and acid rain. They all pose a threat to human living condition and health. Therefore,effective measures should be taken to stop air pollution.


Our fume extraction can be used in laser machines and welding cutting machines, it can completely clean the exhaust gas generated when cutting, so that we can make a little contribution to the protection of the environment.