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Principle Of Refrigeration

Feb 16, 2017

Principle of Refrigeration


         During refrigeration, unwanted heat is transferred mechanically to an area where it is not objectionable. A practical example of this is the window air conditioner that cools air in a room and exhausts hot air to die outdoors.

         The liquid called the refrigerant is fundamental to the heat transfer accomplished by a refrigeration machine. BD-cw5000 industrial water chiller series is high-precision compression refrigeration small water chiller. Practically speaking, a commercial refrigerant is any liquid that will evaporate and boil at relatively low temperatures. During evaporation or boiling, the refrigerant absorbs the heat. BD-cw5000 is refrigeration type laser water chiller of 800W cooling capacity and the thermoelectric control in ±0.3℃ precision. The cooling effect felt when alcohol is poured over the back of your hand illustrates this principle.