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Laser Marking Machine Maintenance And Repair

When we use laser marking machine, want to maintain machines, this machine uses the term will be extended, just like your car needs maintenance, sometimes there is such a heart, but feel to start feeling, don't know how to get to the warranty. Then Ming laser here are details the four cleaning laser marking machine: first of all-water replacement and cleaning of the water tank (RA-Ming suggested that each week to clean the water tank and replace the circulating water at a time) Note: the machine must ensure that the laser tube is filled with recycled water. Circulation of water and the temperature directly affects the life of laser tube, recommend the use of purified water, and water temperature at 35 deg. Exceeding 35 ℃ to replace water, or add ice to the water to lower the water temperature, (recommends the user to select the cooling machine, or use two tanks). To clean the water tank: first turn off the power, pull the water inlet pipe, make the laser tube of water automatically flows into the tank, open the water tank, remove the water pump, remove dirt from the pump. Clean the water tank, the replacement of good water circulation, restores water tank pump, connection pipes inserted into the inlet of the pump, pack the joints. Separate power water pump, and run the 2-3 minutes (laser tube filled with water). Second-lenses of clean (Ming Radium recommends daily work Qian clean, equipment must in shut machine state) in front machine introduced in the, has said carved machine Shang has 3 block reflection mirror and 1 block focused mirror (1th, reflection mirror is located in laser tube of launches export at, is machine of left Shang angle, 2nd, reflection mirror is located in beam of left end, 3rd, reflection mirror is located in laser head fixed part of top Department, focused mirror is located in laser head lower can regulation of mirror tube in the), laser is through these lenses reflection, and focused Hou from laser head launches out. Lenses are easily stained with dust or other contaminants, resulting in depletion of the laser or lens is damaged, 1TH and 2nd lens cleaning without removing, just the lens tissue moistened with cleaning fluid carefully along the Center to edge Rotary cleaning of the lens. 3rd, lens and focus need to be removed from the frame, and used the same methods to clean, wipe is provided after the back.

Note: ① lenses should be gently, do not damage the surface coating second cleaning process with care to prevent falls ③ focus lens installation please be sure to keep the concave face down.