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Ice Water Water Treatment

Sep 21, 2016

Water of softening, in using cold water machine of process in the, is a not ignored of problem, on water of PH value also need constantly to observation, best PH value should is equal to 7, is greater than 7 of PH value will produced terrible of corrosion phenomenon, as not take measures, will in evaporator, and mold within health scale, will up insulation of role, serious Shi, makes its energy of conversion effect reduced 30%. Obviously this requires consider softening the hard water. The most effective method, and can be configured in the system an electronic softener, softener ion exchange principle, is designed and manufactured. Depending on the flow can be configured to different specifications of the softening device, connected directly in the circulating water pipeline, General configuration requirements for water softener is not too high, can also be added to the system on a regular basis a certain percentage of detergent.