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Ice Water Temperature Difference

Sep 21, 2016

Mold cooling fluid (ice water) of temperature General subject Yu processing material and products shape and occurred larger changes, as polyethylene thin-walled beaker, mold requirements ice water temperature in 0 ℃ following; and other most situation Xia, mold by requirements of ice water of temperature are in 5 ℃ above, microcomputer full function cold water function provides 5 ℃ above of ice water, low temperature type intelligent temperature control cold water function meet 5 ℃ following until 0 ℃ following of requirements.

Mold temperature difference between the water inlet ice are often set based on product requirements, in many cases, the temperature 3-5 ℃ is optimal, but sometimes need temperature 1-2 degrees centigrade. The smaller temperature difference, which means take the same heat out, need more ice water flow and vice versa need flux is small. For example: when temperature 5 ℃, traffic 60L, and when the temperature is 2 degrees centigrade, while the 150L.