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How To Stop Air Pollution-Bao-700 Welding Fume Extractor

Dec 28, 2016

How to stop air pollution-Bao-700 welding fume extractor

First,the government must make sure related laws are put into practice. Those who give off waste gases into the air directly without disposal would be punished. Second,people get education about what they could do to stop air pollution. Everyone using more public transportation and less private vehicle will reduce emission dramatically. Finally,let the forests play a positive rule. We need to plant more trees to purify the air instead of cutting them down.

However, as a famous saying goes:easier said than done. Only the whole world works together and everyone takes action can human being succeed in stopping air pollution.


Bao-700 laser fume extractor is a lightweight, high-efficiency soldering smoke processor designed for welding, laser marking and laser engraving. Fume exhauster is designed for handling smoke and dust generated during welding, laser marking and laser engraving. It is suitable for welding cutting machine, laser marking machine and laser engraving machine .