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How Cold Water Machine

In fact, a mould is a heat exchanger, heat from melting the plastic into the mold, then passed in by the mold constant circulation of cooling medium--ice water, only a small portion into the air and the pressure of the injection molding machine templates. As we all know, plastic molding cycle, a large part of the cool, sometimes plastic molding cycle of more than 80%, so the cooling time to a minimum is absolutely necessary. For example, a pair of molding cycle takes 20 seconds, such as water cooling tower water cooling chiller produces cold water instead, it can be shortened to 16 seconds. Despite the initial cost to select the chiller is equipped with higher, but it can yield increased by 20%, in production for a long time, can make great gains. So, how to choose the water energy? From the above we can know, and molding material specific heat, melt temperature, weight, and temperature on product release. Die ice water energy required is calculated as: Q=WxCx TxS

Type: Q to ice water and energy required kcal/h;

W plastic raw material weight kg/h;

C is the specific heat of plastic raw materials kcal/kg ℃;

T is the melt temperature and temperature difference of product release c (see table);

S is the safety factor (generally the 1.35-2.0), when a single match, generally choose smaller values, and when a cold water machine and die match when large values, such as selecting the wind cooling type cooling water machine, s should also be properly selected.

For example: a pair of die production of PP products, production is about 50kg per hour, ask how much cooling requirements for? How much water should be equipped with machines to the appropriate?


Needs 6480kcal/h cooling capacity per hour would use PR chillers in the process, it is difficult to get a complete set of data. From our many years of planning, supporting sales experience, T=200, and it is one of the many commonly used products after years of statistical averages.

If mold with hot glue on the road, hot glue should also be energy joined cold calculations, normally hot glue road at KW units, when units should be converted to a kcal/h,1KW=860kcal/h. If adequate water supply factories, lower temperatures, lower cost, you may not need a cold water machine, this is usually not practical unless factories in low temperature of the Lake; another is the use of deep-well water supply of the city to meet the needs of temperature and flow, but often the cost is too high. Device you can use this method, but for factories, this is unrealistic.