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How Chillers Work

The refrigerant (i.e., refrigerant) absorbs the heat of the cooled material in the evaporator and vaporizes into steam. The compressor continuously extracts the generated steam from the evaporator and compresses the compressed high temperature steam. After being sent to the condenser, the cooling medium (water, air, etc.) exotherms and condenses to a high-pressure liquid, enters the evaporator after being depressurized by the throttling mechanism, vaporizes again, and absorbs the heat of the object being cooled, so that the cycle is repeated. When the heat is applied, the refrigerant passes through the four-way valve to change the flow direction of the refrigerant. The flow direction of the refrigerant is just opposite to that during cooling. The refrigerant passes through the evaporator first, then returns to the condenser, and finally returns to the compressor.