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History Of Refrigeration

Feb 17, 2017

History of Refrigeration

           In operation, a refrigeration unit allows the refrigerant to boil in tubes that are in contact, directly or indirectly, with the medium to be cooled. The controls and engineering design determine the temperatures reached by a specific machine. Cw5200 Water Chiller For 100w Co2 Laser Machine.                              

         Natural ice was shipped from the New England states throughout the western world from 1806 until the early 1900s. Although ice machines were patented in the early 1800s, they could not compete with the natural ice industry. Artificial ice was first commercially manufactured in the southern United States in the 1880s.                                                

         The refrigerator was not manufactured until the 1920s. Before that time, ice was the primary source of refrigeration. A block of ice was kept in the icebox. The icebox was similar to the modem refrigerator in construction. It was well insulated and had shelves to store perishables. The main difference was the method of cooling.                                                    

         Domestic refrigerators were not commercially available until about 1920. During the 1920s, the air conditioning industry also got its start with a few commercial and home installations.       

         The refrigeration industry has now expanded to touch most of our lives. There is refrigeration in our homes, and air conditioning in our place of work, and even m our automobiles. CW-5200AG water cooled Chiller: For a single 150W CO2 laser tube or dual 100W CO2 laser tubes. Refrigerator is used in many industries, from the manufacture of instant coffee to the latest hospital surgical techniques.