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Classification And Principle Of Chillers

Chillers include four main components: compressors, evaporators, condensers, expansion valves, thus achieving the unit refrigeration heating effect.

Chillers commonly known as freezers, refrigerators, ice machines, frozen water machines, coolers, etc., because the use of a wide range of industries, so the name also countless. With the continuous development of the chiller industry, more and more humans are beginning to pay attention to the chiller industry. Any choice is becoming more and more important for humans.

In the product structure "energy-efficient than the water-cooled screw unit", "water source heat pump unit", "screw-type heat recovery unit", "efficient heat pump unit", "screw-type low-temperature refrigeration unit" and other highly competitive products The structure of its nature principle is a versatile machine that removes the liquid vapor through a compression or heat absorption refrigeration cycle. The steam compression chillers consist of four main components of the vapor compression refrigeration cycle compressor, evaporator, condenser, part of the metering device in order to achieve the different refrigerant.