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Application Characteristics Of Chiller

Sep 22, 2017

Chillers use a wide range of industries, then what are the characteristics of it?

1, stable performance: the use of multiple compressors in parallel, each compressor comes with a separate refrigeration circuit, that is, the evaporator, the condenser is completely independent; all the compressor by the unified microcomputer control system command, one by one open, shut down , Will not interfere with each other, for the above reasons, you can ensure that the series machine has a high degree of stability in the performance of long-term continuous operation of the case, without the need to purchase other spare machine.

2, energy saving: the use of multiple small and medium power compressor in parallel use, open, shut down when the interference on the grid is minimal, with the load changes, the unit will automatically determine the number of boot to ensure that the compressor is in the best work State, thus effectively saving energy.

3, long life: the evaporator, the condenser design is very reasonable, and placed in the compressor above the entire operation process, the vast majority of lubricants always stay in the compressor, to ensure good lubrication of the compressor