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2017 The Third Shandong Cross-border E-commerce Ecology Summit

2017 The Third Shandong Cross-border E-commerce Ecology Summit


The Third Shandong Cross-border E-Commerce Ecological Summit Opens in Jinan.

Theme of the conference:

"New Foreign Trade under Big Data Reconstruction Activates New Opportunities for Enterprises to Sea"

"Pratt & Whitney Trade in the Era of Digital Economy"

"Financial Innovation in the New Format of Foreign Trade"

"New ways of cross border logistics boost the rapid development of cross border E-commerce"


The main forum hosted by Ali group, focusing on big data, digital economy, financial innovation keynote speech, and held a high-end dialogue.


By participating in this meeting, we can find the government's strong support for cross-border electricity providers, banks, international logistics and cross-border e-commerce platform for the development of the majority of SMEs help.


Baodian laser water chiller will seize this opportunity, and actively participate in, we will continue to work for the global buyers to provide professional water cooling solutions. We will provide customers with products and services: small industrial chillers, welding water cooler, laser fume extractor.


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