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Water quality requirements of laser water chiller

Aug 11, 2017

Water quality requirements of laser water chiller


A. The cooling water quality of the water cooled chiller directly affects the life of the laser.

i. For CO2 glass tube lasers, both ends of the lens out of the water is dead corner, it is easy to stay in the water impurities, resulting in poor heat dissipation, the lens of the micro-deformation directly affect the laser output beam quality and spot mode.

ii.For RF lasers, the heat dissipation plate and other impurities such as copper rust will cause the cavity temperature is too high and the electrode plate deformation, and then the temperature sensor alarm, the laser does not produce light and other failures.

iii.For YAG lasers, the surface cleanliness of the pump lamp, crystal and gold-plated cavities directly affects the optical power and spot patterns; the tiny water holes in the semiconductor module are directly burned.


B. Most laser cooling use a brass tube, and the evaporator is placed directly in the cooling water, producing a large amount of copper rust that directly affects the laser.


C. Many non-filter water chiller directly use tap water or use long-term replacement of pure water, will make the breeding of bacteria and impurities deposited to the laser, affecting the life of the laser and the use of results.