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The principle of Clean water chillers

Sep 25, 2017

The principle of Clean water chillers:


Laser chiller can be divided into water pump plug and water pipe blockage. How to deal with chiller clogging, mainly based on the stubborn degree of dirt to decide.


1. Sealed cw 3000 chiller used in high quality environments should be cleaned with clean water. Under normal circumstances, in high quality environments, such as laboratories, pollution is not serious, you can directly use clean pure water or distilled water to clean up dirt and impurities, especially for easy deposition of scale and impurities in the water nozzle as a key cleaning place, Industrial chillers with higher heat dissipation performance. This can keep the industrial chiller with higher heat dissipation performance, in a shorter time for enterprises to establish a relatively stable low temperature environment, improve the user's overall efficiency.


2. Sealed cw 5200 chillers used in harsh environments should be cleaned with clogging. In the case of poor use of the environment, and the use of chillers higher frequency, for example, in the spindle cooling, depending on the water quality, in order to reduce the probability of various types of industrial cw 5000 chillers failure, you can shorten the cleaning cycle, regular replacement of circulating water. Rely on all kinds of professional dilution of the acid soak stubborn blockage, so that the plug softened, to achieve better cleaning results.

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