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The importance of maintenance of laser machines

Sep 21, 2016

We in will laser machine buy back using zhihou, often on will has customer to we reaction said why we in will you home of laser machine buy back using a time zhihou, on always appeared some fault problem Ah, such too effect we of work has, we peer in other laser machine production manufacturers buy of laser machine how on no appeared what problem does, is you home of laser machine has problem Ah, is at sold I of laser machine is quality not clearance of products Ah, dang we understand this a situation zhihou, We quickly turn quality master repair door repair, repair chef when we came back, we asked where they had a problem, quality of our laser machines are impossible. Repair master will tell us where is any quality problem, because customers will buy back after using laser, had not told them of a good maintenance, knew every day use, can not do problems.