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Main characteristics of laser machines

1, 360-degree slope engraving functions, solve printing problems;

2, high efficiency, and is hand engraved 10 to 15 times times of high accuracy, low cost, good printing results;

3, mechanical structural design optimization, machine size, saves you valuable space, and the structure should not be deformed high cutting accuracy.

4, Germany high technology drive, running more than 5 times faster than single chip machine.

5, Taiwan imported linear Guide, life can be up to 20 years.

6, unique exhaust system effectively protects the laser head laser head maintenance more convenient.

7, special metal lens focused laser beam is stronger and finer.

8, using patented technology allows the rubber sculptures better, less likely to burn.

9, genuine Python laser engraving software, powerful; engraving can be simultaneously; provides free upgrade service

10, materials before and after the entire Board in without cutting.