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Laser machine type introduction

Laser machine just a collectively, market in the sold of laser carved machine, and laser cutting machine and laser playing standard machine, this three big class equipment actually is laser machine of form. According to customer of requirements completed pattern and text of carved and so on work, but need note market in the sold of type is is too more has, so is not any of equipment are can meet we of using and job, so to prevent because purchase improper, led to economic and costs Shang of waste problem, so on should timely of concern model for of range, And daily in the must to has of requirements respectively is what, only full familiar zhihou, to accurate of select most for work of laser machine. Shanghai moved field company told everyone, laser machine is a consumption type equipment, so in work must time zhihou should timely of downtime rest, daily job end zhihou should timely close power, don't appeared people rest but machine also in running of process, to disconnect power.