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Laser machine to debug what

Regardless of is what manufacturers production of laser machine, everyone in using of when to guarantee can maximum of for himself provides work, we think also is need note good of debugging it. so in debugging of when need note what problem does? not know no relationship, we next on to everyone simple of introduced about, 1th is it in using of when must to note light took light, because it belongs to a Taiwan precision machine, Light took light and guarantee moments will towards Shang of side alignment above. 2nd in debugging laser machine of process in the, connected power yihou, not can will charged pulled plug spray line, such will burned nozzle of. 3rd is in it installation completed zhihou must to note using side spray of way to Jet, then in nozzle above met cleaning liquid, zhihou on can began test it of spray code whether smooth. last is card au of head think in try spray code completed yihou, Make sure no problem until after the device that need to be coding input device has officially begun!