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Laser machine can print crafts

Actually as print equipment laser machine customer said has very more of type, which is divided into laser carved machine, laser cutting machine and laser playing standard machine, this three a type, but this three a type General are is through using high temperature of work principle will equipment print Shang must of pattern and text, General using laser machine of enterprise are is according to customer of needs to for print of, like has using laser machine for print text and food above of stripes code,, also has using laser machine to print crafts of, So can so said using laser machine also is very convenient of, especially now many small and medium of crafts very by consumers of love, so in market needs still exists of premise Xia, put hold this opportunities using laser machine to production crafts but very good of a things, and carbon hydrogen cleaning agent of production manufacturers think everyone in purchase laser machine of when, must to note himself production of products is what type of, because now has non-metallic laser carved machine and metal laser carved machine this two species!