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Laser check

Sep 21, 2016

Light machine in work in the always will appeared different degree fault and problem, everyone to know many of problem if timely check out, on can prevention and radical. so members user in daily using laser machine of when, do don't forget regularly check and maintenance. boot job zhiqian surrounding machine a circle, see all parts and parts is tight solid, once has loose or is tight solid screws dropped of when, are should timely of tight solid up. work zhihou is need check, See laser machine of bearing and gear whether wear serious. If If has big degree of wear, on description operation of steps and note not specification, next again using of when, on should timely adjustment or is learning specification of operation. certainly laser machine of check also has many details, Changping moved company told everyone, in check in the once found fault problem, are should timely maintenance and replaced parts, guarantees equipment can normal using and run, this is must to do of work.