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Industrial gas purification

Nov 24, 2016

  The exhaust gas purification mainly refers to the industrial emissions for industrial sites, such as dust particles, smoke, dust, odor of gas, toxic and harmful gases governance. The common types including: gas purification, plant smoke purification, waste gas purification, organic waste gas purification, exhaust smell purification, acid and alkali waste gas purification, chemical waste gas purification. Purification equipment generally used in chemical plants, electronics factory, paint factory, car factory, paint factory, petrochemical industry, furniture, food plants, rubber plants, plastic plants, etc. to produce odor, odor, toxic and harmful gas industries. 

  The exhaust gas purification device to purify the gas species are benzene, toluene, xylene, ethyl acetate, acetone, methyl ethyl ketone, ethanol, acrylic acid, formaldehyde and other organic waste gas, hydrogen sulfide, sulfur dioxide, ammonia and other acid-base exhaust gas purification and organic waste gas purification.

   The exhaust gas purification method, activated carbon exhaust gas purification assay, pharmaceutical absorb exhaust gas purification method, catalytic combustion exhaust gas purification method, the thermal combustion exhaust gas purification method, the ion exhaust gas purification method. Selection of exhaust gas purification method should be selected according to the specific situation of low-cost, low energy consumption, no secondary pollution, as far as possible to reduce energy consumption, environmentally-friendly.