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Baodian industrial chillers have multiple alarm funtions

Nov 19, 2016

      Baodian industrial chillers have multiple alarm funtions, when alarm occurs, the erro code and the temperature will be altrnately displayed.
When the temperature controller displasy code E1, it means over high room temperature, please improve the ventilation to guarantee that the machine is running under 40?
When it displasys E2 that means over high water temperature, the simple troubleshooting as below:
1. Blocked dust gauze, bad thermolysis; approach: unpick and wash the dust gauze regularly ;
2. Poor ventilation for air outlet and inlet, approach: to ensure a smooth ventilation for air outlet and inlet;
3. Voltage is extremely low or astable, approach: to improve the power supply circuit or use a voltage regulator;
4. Improper parameter settings on thermostat, approach: to reset controlling parameters or restore factory settings;
5. Switch the power frequently, approach: to ensure there is sufficient time for refrigeration (more than 5 minuets ) ;
6. Excessive heat load, approach: reduce the heat load or use other model with larger cooling capacity.