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Application of welding fume extractor in cuting field

Dec 04, 2017

Application of welding fume extractor in cuting field


In the metal cutting process, will produce a lot of dust and splash spark, it will not only hurt the cutting machine itself, but also affect the cutting precision and work efficiency, and even cause damage to the machine work, especially in plasma and laser cutting, to get high cutting quality of the workpiece, purification is essential.


At present, in the field of cutting, the use of welding fume extractor for sale, most of the high precision cutting equipment. Generally, when the metal is cut, the molten and evaporated metal material directly rushes to the bottom of the cutting table under the pressure of the torch high-speed compressed air and then diffuses from the bottom of the cutting table to the periphery. The lower suction worktable can realize the zoning, separate the spatter and dust, and filter the smoke through the purification system.


In fact, fume extractor amazon not only can be applied to the field of automatic cutting, but also can be used for manual cutting and welding of small workpieces that need to be polished. Their dedusting is achieved through the use of dust removal worktable.

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