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Application of the laser industry

1, the printing and packaging industry: rubber for laser engraving, laser engraving and cutting of paper products, and so on.

2, arts and crafts industry: Crystal carving, bamboo laser engraving, wood engraving laser engraving, wood laser engraving, double-color plate engraving, box-shaped crafts laser engraving, Board of laser carving, marble sculpture.

3, advertising industries: glass laser engraving (cutting), double-color plate engraving, plaques laser.

4, leather and garment industry: various types of leather, clothing patterns, cloth textiles, synthetic leather cutting and engraving and cutting patterns.

5, model industry: building model line, ABS plate cutting, model airplane slicing, wood cutting and engraving.

6, stone (tomb): photos and text carved on marble, granite.

7, Studio: photo albums, paper, plexiglass, acrylic, wood carving photo, making special effects series;