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Advantages of Baodian laser chiller

Aug 16, 2017

Advantages of Baodian laser chiller:


1.The Baodian cw 5000 water chiller use large capacity PVC water tank;


2.Baodian water chiller use black heat dissipation design, good heat dissipation, low noise;

3.The Baodian cold water machine can be equipped with precision filter, including particle filtering and deionization device, prolong the service life of the laser chillers and laser equipment;


4.The Baodian water cooler equipped with multiple protection devices: water flow switch alarm, alarm, remote acousto-optic alarm device, make the equipment more safe;


5.The Baodian chiller water cool is equipped with cold water protection signal output: Water flow alarm, electric shock signal output, water level signal contact output, temperature alarm, electric shock signal output, make the laser water cooler and laser equipment run more safely, prolong the service life of laser equipment.