Bao-300 Laser Fume Extractors for laser engraver

Product Details

Bao-300 Laser Fume Extractors for laser engraver 


1.Taiwan brushless motor, low noise, high speed, stable operation, long life, low energy consumption, high efficiency.

2.PWM speed control, according to the amount of dust to achieve precise adjustment.

3.Four layers filter design  to ensure that the filtration of harmful substances in the smoke completely, to achieve indoor air quality standards, protect the environment and human health.

4.The primarily efficient filter, the Medium efficiency filter and the main filter element can be replaced individually, which can prolong the service life of the filter element and reduce the cost of the filter element.

5.Metal frame structure design, equipment, small size, saving space, and easy to move.

6.Using the mute design, the noise can be fully accepted in the room.

7.Purifying air volume 300m³/h  Power 0.13KW

Bao-300 Laser Fume Extractors Specifications:


Technical Data


Max.air flow



Input Power


Low capacity

Air pressure


Middle pressure

Running sound



Input power

220V, 50HZ


Filter Type

G4 primary Filter + F8 medium efficiency filter+ H13 HEPA filter + gas filter


Filtration Rate:




≤ 55dB


Exhaust Arm

φ63mm x 1.2M


Machine Dimension






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